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Attend Trade Shows? Why?

—October 15, 2013
Attend Trade Shows? Why?

Posted By: Pauline Perenack

Exhibitions and trade shows – maybe they’re not as popular as they once were, but the shows that are still thriving give customers the opportunity to interact with companies they buy from.  Attending trade shows is all about visibility – to give face-to-face feedback with your vendors, build relationships, chat with competitors, and discover the latest and greatest of what is being offered in the industry.

So why do you go to trade shows?  To see the latest and greatest? Check in on current products? See what the competition is up to?  Network with peers?  Most likely it’s combination of all of these.
As a marketing professional, I’ve attended entertainment, furniture, real estate, automotive, you-name-it industry trade shows.  Each has their unique flair.  Regardless of the industry, my all-time favorite activity is seeing so many new products.  I mean, how fun is it to say you were able to see a movie trailer before anyone else? Or see an aftermarket part in a store months after you first tested it at a trade show?

At Mitchell we understand the excitement in seeing new up-and-coming products.  We’ve worked hard this year to put together a lineup of our latest and greatest products that will help enhance your business.  To see a preview (kind of like seeing that new movie trailer before anyone else), here’s what we’ll be featuring this week at NACE:

  1. RepairCenter ToolStore – Add-ons from industry partners for Parts, Paint, and Rental that will help make your shop more efficient.
  2. Reputation Manager – Conduct customer satisfaction surveys via web and phone, and monitor social media to keep up-to-date on your shop's reputation – so you can draw in more business from great online referrals.
  3. RepairCenter Hub – Bring all of your communication and collaboration needs into one location for faster turnarounds, more understanding, and less waiting.
  4. Mitchell Estimating – The system you’ve relied on for years, one that continues to meet the needs of your estimating requirements.
  5. Mitchell Tablet Solutions – This is truly our latest and greatest estimating system that is fully housed within a tablet. We’ll even have a damaged door that you can write an instant estimate on!

So while trade shows are not as vast and popular as they once were, the products themselves keep on improving, progressing and impressing.  If you get a chance, take a tour of what we’re offering at this year’s main trade show event.  We hope to see you at NACE!

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