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Social Media for Body Shops

—August 05, 2013
Social Media for Body Shops

Posted By: Craig Peterson

Did you know that social media has become the new place for “word of mouth”? Did you know that more people are reached online than in person?

Today, there are over 1 billion people on Facebook, 500 million on Twitter, and 200 million on LinkedIn. For the most part, every single person that enters your shop is active on at least one of these networks, if not all. So why aren’t you on there with them? 

Think of it this way. Say you brought your kid’s bike into your shop to do a pinstripe job on it. You snap a picture of it, post it on Facebook, and one of your followers “likes” it. That follower happens to have 500 followers. Suddenly 500 people are seeing your pinstripe job, and now know the name of your shop. How much money did that cost you?

Conversely, say a customer comes in and doesn’t like the way you finished their car. They tweet about the bad job, and happen to have 1000 followers on Twitter. Suddenly 1000 people have heard a bad review about you. 

Makes you want to start getting out there on your own, doesn’t it?

So what are things you need to be doing out there in the social media world? You need to be on as many networks as possible, but let’s focus on Facebook for this list.

  1. Set up an account for your company and make it easy to find by adding in your address, pictures, basic information, etc.
  2. Actively talk to your customers. They see ads every day, and would rather hear from YOU why they should come to you, than hear it from an ad.
  3. Make sure customers coming into your shop know about your Facebook page. Ask them to “like” you!
  4. Create an environment where your customers feel like they know you. Be personable with them, while also giving them helpful tips about their cars.
  5. Put a real face to the account. Again, be personable. If they know an actual person is behind the account, customers will be more apt to engage with the page.
  6. Keep the pictures coming. People are very visual. They like to see things rather than read about them. Show them that great classic car you just helped build!
  7. Post offers. Give people another reason to come back to your shop!

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