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Take Control: Mitchell's RepairCenter puts the power in your hands

—February 01, 2013
Take Control:  Mitchell's RepairCenter puts the power in your hands

Collision repair is a complex business. Managing repairs is important, but it is only one part of the equation. Managing customer experience and the business itself are just as important.

If your goal is to take control of all aspects of your business, there’s really only one solution—Mitchell RepairCenterTM. RepairCenterTM was designed from the beginning to help you accelerate profitability and growth, and simplify operations in your shop.

Every shop is different, but Mitchell RepairCenterTM can help you, regardless if you manage one small shop or a large chain. It’s the industry first true Workspace solution that allows you to choose the modules that fit your goals. Over 30 RepairCenterTM modules allow you to pick and choose what you need to take your shop to the next level.

Gus Stavropoulos is the owner of Fix Auto Yorkdale in Toronto, Ont. He has been using Mitchell RepairCenterTM since 2011. He says that the power to pick and choose from different modules is one of RepairCenterTM’s greatest advantages.

“You can tailor and customize this system to your needs by adding the modules you feel will help your business,” says Stavropoulos. “It’s like a menu in a restaurant. You just pay for what you want.”

Extending the menu analogy, you can order RepairCenterTM either a la carte, choosing specific modules that will help you, or you can order from the fixed menu, choosing a package deal that comes closest to what you need, and then adding more modules from there.

If it relates to managing repairs, customer service or the collision business, there’s a RepairCenterTM module that covers it. Even the most basic version of RepairCenterTM will give you the information you need to make the most critical decisions, and it gives you the information all on one screen.

“You can monitor the company’s profitability, and keep track of labour and job costing in real time,” says Stavropoulos. “We use it to keep track of our own key performance indicators. For years our insurance partners have been comparing us to other shops based on their numbers. RepairCenterTM allows us to do our own comparison and see where we need to improve.”

Expanding RepairCenterTM with modules provides even more flexibility. There are modules for part management, estimate analysis, photo management and much more. No matter the module or how complex the job it’s designed to do is, you can depend on it being fully integrated with the rest of RepairCenterTM and even beyond. An accounting software interface is standard with most RepairCenterTM packages and is available as an option on the others.

“Once your file is balanced in RepairCenterTM, it’s just a click of a button to transfer that invoice into your accounting software,” says Stavropoulos. This helps to ensure that you know exactly how much money is moving in and out of the business on a daily basis and assists in analyzing costs. These are vital things to know for anyone with a goal of long-term profitability.

RepairCenterTM offers progressive repairers so much that it’s almost impossible to detail it all. However, Mitchell’s goal in designing it is easy to explain. Every aspect of RepairCenterTM exists to make repairers’ lives easier.

“I’ve personally had the privilege of working with a few management systems, and I can say from experience that Mitchell is very committed to us, the end users,” says Stavropoulos. “They have spent countless hours on understanding our needs and making the appropriate changes or enhancements to RepairCenterTM, and they keep progressing. I’m looking forward to the near future when in addition to RepairCenterTM and all the helpful modules, we will also have Eclaims integrated on the same screen.”

With Mitchell RepairCenterTM, your shop and your future are in your hands.

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