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Document Control: Mitchell's FastPhoto Manager tracks every photo, on every job, every single time

—February 21, 2013
Document Control:  Mitchell's FastPhoto Manager tracks every photo, on every job, every single time

Manually organizing repair orders is a long and tedious process. Adding to that is the crucial task of making sure each and every step of an order is documented. Mitchell’s RepairCenterTM FastPhoto Manager streamlines this process by helping collision repair facilities better categorize and organize vehicle images and their corresponding repair orders.

RepairCenterTM FastPhoto is the premier photo management system for collision repair facilities. It is designed to help repair shops improve operational effi ciencies, while guiding them towards becoming more profi table. The system helps shops improve, profi t, and thrive by providing better, faster and more accurate documentation for every repair order.

Mitchell’s RepairCenterTM FastPhoto Manager gives repair shops the power to instantly and automatically sort, size, organize, load and link photos to repair orders and estimates, eliminating the painstaking process of manually categorizing photos to the corresponding repair order. This is made possible through Mitchell’s specially designed FastPhoto digital camera which enables photographers to document an array of images and transfer them wirelessly. The camera is easy to use and allows a user to scan, snap, send and share images to customers and carriers, all with the touch of a button found directly on the camera.

Scott Noseworthy of Fix Auto Ottawa Innes has been using the system since January of 2012. He says the RepairCenterTM FastPhoto system proved its worth recently, when the Ottawa area was struck by a severe hail storm.

“We were doing about four claims an hour, eight hours a day,” says Noseworthy. “Without the FastPhoto system, it wouldn’t have been possible to keep up.”

That’s an extreme example, but Noseworthy says the RepairCenterTM FastPhoto system has helped save time on every single job.

“It’s at least ten minutes per job, and in a big, busy facility, every single minute counts,” he says.

The management system found within RepairCenter TM FastPhoto allows repair shops to easily create a scanable barcode to correspond with the repair order and set the repair stage from the camera, enabling users to take as many photos as needed. Each photo then automatically appears in the corresponding repair order, which streamlines the process, saving repair shops both time and resources. Simply scan the barcode, and all of the repair order’s information will appear on the screen. A user can then completely and effi ciently assess a vehicle’s damage through comprehensive photo documentation, and transfer those photos through secure, wireless technology. The repair order’s status is also viewable through a built-in tagging system.

Additionally, RepairCenterTM FastPhoto is complemented by RepairCenterTM Mobile, which allows repair shops to manage their business when away from their desks, while simultaneously helping to increase customer satisfaction, in addition to enhancing inshop communications.

The key to the true power of Mitchell’s RepairCenterTM FastPhoto Manager is that all photos can be documented and categorized centrally, while multiple copies are saved for repair shops’ purpose, in addition to being backed up on Mitchell’s servers. This enables the organization of all images at every stage of the repair order process, allowing estimators to view all photos with ease at any given time.

The ultimate goal of Mitchell’s RepairCenterTM FastPhoto Manager is to help a shop not just survive, but thrive and find maximum efficiency. RepairCenterTM FastPhoto assists that goal by leveraging the latest technology to let repair shops focus their attention on the repair, and not the paperwork. With Mitchell’s RepairCenterTM FastPhoto Manager, repair shops can have their eyes on every step of the process, no matter where they are.

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