Collision Repair Facilities | June 12, 2019

Top 5 Benefits of Having Repair Procedures in Mitchell Cloud Estimating

This article will touch on the five key benefits of having repair procedures in Mitchell Cloud Estimating.

The modern automobile is a sophisticated piece of equipment, incorporating advanced structural engineering designed for occupant safety along with an abundance of technology aimed at occupant convenience and driver assistance. These advancements in construction and technology lead to repair scenarios that are much more complex than in times past. The landscape of the collision repair industry has changed. Where once an understanding of basic repair concepts was sufficient, now vehicle-specific repair instructions should be followed to help ensure the integrity of the vehicle systems post repair. Hence, when creating a damage appraisal it is often times necessary to consult the repair procedures to account for all the necessary operations unique to the vehicle.

In recognition of needs of this evolving landscape, Mitchell Cloud Estimating surfaces the relevant repair procedures in support of a proper and safe repair. This article will touch on the five key benefits of having repair procedures in Mitchell Cloud Estimating.

1. Efficiency

Whether on the road or at a desk, time is money to appraisers. Searching through multiple websites looking for repair procedures is time consuming. Industry expert, Mike Anderson, President and Owner of Collision Advice, a consulting company for the auto body/collision industry, reports that time spent researching OEM procedures before finalizing an estimate and repair plan can take two or more hours. Utilizing Mitchell Cloud Estimating with Repair Procedures saves significant research time as the relevant procedures can be accessed without hours of research. In fact, it isn’t even necessary to leave the Mitchell Cloud Estimating application. With repair information literally at the fingertips of the appraiser, creating an accurate and complete damage appraisal has never been easier.

2. Accuracy

With instant access to the relevant repair procedures, a more accurate and informed appraisal can be created at the time of the initial inspection, supporting a proper and safe repair plan. By understanding the vehicle-specific implications of the technology in the affected area of the collision, users can expertly avoid needless delays caused by multiple supplements, re-inspections and end-of-repair surprises that negatively impact cycle time.

3. Collaboration

To support the management of complex repairs, all repair procedures are clearly presented. With many visual diagrams, any level of user should be able to readily understand the specific repair requirements. Mitchell Cloud Estimating also has multi-user capability, so repair estimates and repair documentation can be easily shared with or reviewed by other authorized users.

4. Accessibility

With appraisers on the road, managing multiple logins and software authentications can be needlessly complicated and time consuming. Having access to repair procedures in the same application as the estimating solution saves time by only requiring one login. Additionally, Mitchell Cloud Estimating is mobile friendly and responsive, so as the user works on an appraisal, progress is synced between devices (i.e. start an estimate on tablet, finish it on laptop) and navigating between repair procedures and estimating is seamless.

5. Reliability

Mitchell’s cloud-based solutions provide access to the most up-to-date information, referencing web content and not relying on a disc-based static database. Current and older model vehicles have repair procedure coverage for all major vehicle sections commonly used in collision estimating. Data updates are provided at a regular cadence so information is always current.

The landscape of the collision repair industry has changed. Providing proper and safe repairs on modern automobiles require modern solutions.

With Mitchell Cloud Estimating, users are able to easily realize benefits when handling claims on modern automobiles involving today’s complex safety and driver-assistance systems. Creating and following a complete and accurate repair plan encourages consumers to have a positive repair experience. Providing repair procedures during estimate creation saves appraisers time from researching various OEM procedural publications. Lastly, multi-user capability supports collaboration so that all parties can more readily understand the required operations and needless delays can be avoided.

Mitchell Cloud Estimating with repair procedures—a modern solution for modern challenges.

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