Collision Repair Facilities | June 26, 2017

On the Road Again, with Mitchell International

Mitchell has a long history of taking our products on the road, and this year is no different. This spring we kicked off our fourth annual Canadian Road Show in British Columbia with visits to Fix Auto Langley and Fix Auto Pemberton.

Mitchell has a long history of taking our products on the road, and this year is no different. This spring we kicked off our fourth annual Canadian Road Show in British Columbia with visits to Fix Auto Langley and Fix Auto Pemberton.

For 25 years, Fix Auto has been bringing owner-operated collision repair facilities together to achieve success. Fix Auto Langley and Fix Auto Pemberton both rely on the benefits the Fix Auto network provides, including access to Mitchell’s user-friendly software solutions. Mitchell’s RepairCenter shop management software helps these two quality-driven shops run their operations more efficiently and stay up to date with the latest repair procedures.

Fix Auto Langley Uses Mitchell RepairCenter Anytime, Anywhere

Combining close to 20 years of exceptional customer service with proven technology, shop owner Kim Jennings and the team at Fix Auto Langley are well-positioned to face the future. A recognized and trusted name in the community, Jennings credits a commitment to providing accurate, quality service for the BC-based collision repair facility’s continued success. "We've been doing quality repairs since we opened the doors in 1999," says Jennings. "That's what keeps people coming back."

Jennings joined the Fix Auto network in May of 2015. He appreciates the benefits a network provides, including national advertising campaigns, onsite support, and access to Mitchell's software solutions through the network. The Fix Auto Langley team relies on the comprehensive, up-to-the-minute information Mitchell products deliver. On the shop floor, they use RepairCenter TechAdvisor.

"The products are seamless. I also like the fact they're web-based, which makes them easily accessible wherever you are. You don't have to store files on the hard drive in the office. You can go on to Mitchell from any device. I can be at home, I can be on the road, and I can access it." - Kim Jennings, Owner, Fix Auto Langley

Easy Access Equates to Efficiency for the Team at Fix Auto Langley

"The techs aren't running into the office and printing out a bunch of paper all of the time," says Jennings. "Having the estimating function web-based allows us to have several different people working on the floor with it. TechAdvisor is also web-based, providing ready access to manufacturer information. The techs can look it up themselves." Jennings is now in the process of acquiring computer pads for everyone on the floor so the shop can go paperless.

Jennings also likes the fact the Mitchell system compiles data from across the entire Fix Auto network. "The network numbers are shared to individual shops. The manager can look at those numbers and learn from other shops," says Jennings. "That's helpful."

Fix Auto Pemberton Satisfies Discerning Customers with Help from Mitchell

Brand recognition, a nationwide warranty and the capability of helping them run their operation more efficiently are just some of the reasons Laura Fordyce and Tim Watt of Fix Auto Pemberton are happy they’ve switched to Mitchell’s software solutions. “We’re currently using RepairCenter,” says Fordyce. “It’s much more user-friendly and captures more information for reporting than the previous management system we were using.”

Located in the Pemberton Valley in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Pemberton is a small village of just 2,500 people, but the high-end resort town of Whistler is just down the road. The majority of collision repair business is directed to Fix Auto Pemberton.

“We saw a need and an opportunity in the Pemberton- Whistler area for an insurance accredited bodyshop,” says Laura. When the previous owner put the existing shop up for sale, Fordyce and Watt made their move.

That was more than five years ago. Today, Laura and Tim operate a collision repair centre in what is surely one of the most scenic locations in Canada. Providing collision repair services to one of the world’s swankiest ski resorts also results in some interesting moments. “We get to repair some very nice vehicles,” says Laura. “Our clients always have positive feedback on the work we’ve done; from how clean their car is, to the high-quality repairs.”

Some of the challenges they currently experience at Fix Auto Pemberton are those shared by many throughout the industry. “Finding experienced techs and being able to retain them given what the industry pays is tough,” says Laura. In addition to providing a wage that’s competitive, another challenge they face is keeping up-to-date on repair procedures. That’s where Mitchell software solutions come in.

“RepairCenter makes the job easier” – Laura Fordyce, Owner, Fix Auto Pemberton

Tim and Laura also have Mitchell Estimating installed and are now waiting for B.C. provincial insurer ICBC to begin supporting that feature, something they expect to happen this summer.

Fix Auto Pemberton recognizes that the key to running a solid business is tech support you can count on. Luckily, Mitchell Technical Support is there when customers need it most. “It’s reliable, and issues are usually solved in a timely manner,” says Laura.

Learn More about the Mitchell Road Show

Get a behind the scenes look at the Mitchell Road Show to learn more about where we’ve been and where we’ll be next, or follow us the #MitchellRoadShow on Twitter @MitchellRepair.


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