Physical Damage Claims Mgmt | June 06, 2016

Enhance the Consumer Experience through Self-Service Solutions

As the vehicle insurance claim industry shifts away from the traditional staff-estimating model to more nontraditional and streamlined channels, there will be new opportunities to enhance the consumer experience.

As the vehicle insurance claim industry shifts away from the traditional staff-estimating model to more nontraditional and streamlined channels, there will be new opportunities to enhance the consumer experience — while simultaneously leveraging the benefits of these alternative channels’ cost structure. Mitchell’s consumer self-service solution is comprised of three distinct and unique products, each of which will dramatically change the insurance claim process and experience:

  • Mobile and Integrated FNOL (mFNOL, iFNOL)
  • Photo-Based Estimating Carrier Workflow
  • Guided Photo Capture Consumer Application

FNOL Goes Mobile

First off, Mitchell will provide a tool that will empower carriers to set up and configure their own FNOL workflow. Through the use of web services, this workflow can be displayed to either:

  • The FNOL representative based in the call center
  • A claimant, via the Mitchell FNOL user interface or a carrier-created native application

Mobile FNOL is designed to replace the consumer’s traditional, time-consuming interaction with a call center representative with an available-anywhere connection via mobile device, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. A claimant or vehicle owner can easily report their facts of loss, view carrier-defined outcomes based on those facts (such as liability, coverage, or whether an adjuster appointment is required), select an available method of inspection and schedule an appointment for an appraisal. The product, which is web-based and includes a mobile responsive user interface, will feature the carrier’s logo and color scheme.

In addition, Mitchell will introduce Integrated FNOL, which is a set of APIs that allow a carrier to access their Mitchell FNOL workflow from their claims management system or own native insurance apps. Via these services, carriers will be able to mimic the same workflow seen in Mobile FNOL.

Photo-Based Estimating

Within our powerful WorkCenter™ solution, Mitchell has launched a photo-based estimating workflow that facilitates the identification of candidates for photo-estimating, automates consumer notification, and streamlines the routing of estimates to appropriate resources. With the introduction of the photo-estimating inspection channel, carriers may leverage the WorkCenter solution’s triage engine to identify and fast-track photo-estimating claims. The new solution routes photo estimate work based on estimator skills and expertise, as well as state regulatory compliance, to streamline the process of assigning estimates. Since the new inspection channel lives within the WorkCenter integrated solution suite, carriers will also be able to seamlessly switch between inspection methods as needed, with minimal impact on their customers and staff.

Inspection Channel Highlights

  • Photo-Estimating Method of Inspection
  • Photo-Estimating & State Licensing Expertise
  • Photo-Estimating Work Queues
  • Photo-Estimate Assignment-Routing Logic (with Push + Pull Functionality)
  • Consumer Notifications Integrated with Photo-Estimating Workflow
  • Photo and Video Viewing in WorkCenter solution with Meta Data
  • Automated Meta Data Analysis for Fraud Warnings

Your Guide to Perfect Photo Capture

As part of the consumer self-service product suite Mitchell is launching, a guided photo-capture application offers an off-the-shelf solution for carriers looking to expand into the photo-estimating inspection channel. The application will walk the consumer through the photo-capture process – in a step-by-step manner that ensures consistency and quality. Additionally, the application will be integrated into the new photo-estimating workflow within WorkCenter – allowing for seamless photo upload, as well as automated consumer communication and staff notifications as the assignment moves through the appraisal process.

Similar to the mobile FNOL solution, carriers will now have the ability to customize the look and feel of the photo-capture application incorporating their own brand. For carriers looking to leverage existing applications, or partner with third-party photo-capture solutions, Mitchell offers a set of services that allow for seamless integration into the WorkCenter solution’s photo-estimating inspection channel.

A Modular + Modern Approach

Perhaps best of all, our exciting new consumer self-service solution has been designed to start and remain flexible, so that customers can implement the invaluable new products in a way that best addresses their needs. Our powerful and versatile end-to-end solution has been designed to allow for a modular implementation that will permit carriers to utilize the complete solution – or any individual combination of the consumer self-service products.

Carriers looking for an off-the-shelf solution will be able to utilize Mitchell’s consumer applications, while also keeping their own brand in front of the consumer. Carriers that want to partner with outside vendors, or leverage their own insurance apps, can utilize Mitchell’s robust set of services, and easily integrate with the WorkCenter solution’s consumer self-service workflow and tools.

It all adds up to the dawn of a bold new era in the auto insurance claims process, driven by a powerful new suite of consumer self-service solutions. And all of us here at Mitchell are excited to explore this new world with you.


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