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Managing Medical Records is Key to Improving Third Party Claim Settlements
By: Monica Zylstra, Vice President, Service Operations, Casualty Solutions Group Documents that adjusters receive from attorneys or claimants related to third party claims are typically unorganized, inaccurately coded and seemingly stacked a mile high. It can... Read More

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Subluxation Codes: The New Fashion in Diagnosis Coding
What is a subluxation? Interestingly enough, entering the term “subluxation” into any internet search engine will return dozens of chiropractic websites, ready to define this popular medical term. Read More

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When Artificial Intelligence Gets Up Close and Personal, Does Human Interaction Fall by the Wayside?
Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to profoundly impact the insurance industry. Read More

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Understanding SB1160—New California Utilization Review Requirements
In the scant two months leading up to its signature by California Governor, Jerry Brown, SB1160 gained a tremendous amount of attention from those in the California workers’ compensation industry.
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Moving away from the “Out of Network” name
Historically, cost containment products have been developed in boxes – solutions were either for in-network or out-of-network bills. Read More

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Industry trends are shaping insurance technology
As new technological capabilities become available, insurance carriers and other payors are seeking opportunities to strengthen their cost containment workflow to keep up with the ever-changing market. Read More

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