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Making the Case for Nurse Case Managers

October 6, 2018

Nurse case managers play an influential role in an injured worker’s recovery, but if someone asked you, “What do nurse case managers do?” in more detail, what would you say? For National Case Management Week, we spoke with Mitchell Nurse Case Managers, Donna Battle, RN, BSN; and Sandra Sanders, RN, BSN, and Mitchell Medical Director, Dr. Zenia Cortes who shared their thoughts on the field of workers’ compensation case management. [embed][/embed]

What does case management mean to you?

“Being a nurse case manager means being a patient advocate. You’re there to manage the patient’s disability, treatment and to make sure everything is running smoothly.” -Donna Battle, RN, BSN “Case management is a nurse that is able to provide support for an injured worker. Not only do case managers coordinate care, but they also build a positive and trusting relationship with that injured worker.” -Sandra Sanders, RN, BSN “I find nurse case managers very valuable. The patients find that they have a direct root of communication with the nurse case manager, they get to know them personally as oppose to someone that they just talk to on the phone, and they also facilitate communications with me if there is concern with the patient, or if something is not being approved, or being delayed. They have a much easier way of getting in touch with me or my staff to ensure some of that communication doesn’t fall through the cracks.” -Dr. Zenia Cortes, MD

Why do you choose case management?

“Being a nurse case manager, I’m able to follow the injured worker from point A to point B to point C. You walk with that patient and you care for that patient from the beginning to the end. That to me is so fulfilling because I was a part of that process.” –Sandra Sanders, RN, BSN

How do you demonstrate your commitment to improving the lives of injured workers?

“I demonstrate my commitment to improving the lives of injured workers by making sure that I’m there for them. Any questions that they have, I am there to answer for them; and if I don’t know the answer I will find it for them.” –Donna Battle, RN, BSN   October 7-13, 2018 is recognized as the National Case Management Week. During this week, we recognize the dedication, compassion, and quality of patient care outcomes achieved by case managers across the health care continuum. At Mitchell, we have great respect for case managers’ dedication and thank them for their compassionate patient care.  
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