Auto Casualty, Workers' Comp

ePay The Smart Way to Pay

May 3, 2023

Technology continues to be on the forefront of executives minds in the auto casualty and workers’ compensation industries. As the workforce transformation evolves, remote work, increased rates of retirement, younger individuals entering the workforce, inflation and supply chain issues, there are still many opportunities to enhance technology and improve efficiencies across the entire auto and workers’ compensation insurance ecosystem.

We could say the same thing about paper payments. Not too long ago, banks charged extra fees for online payment processing. Many of those same institutions now charge extra to process paper payments.

A claims organization typically spends $8 on average per paper check processed. 

By contrast, claims organizations that process payments electronically can significantly reduce costs up to 90% — and save valuable time.

At Enlyte, we literally wrote the book on digital payment processing. Download our eBook — ePay: The Smart Way to Pay — for more information on how, why, and when to transition to digital provider payment processing.

‌You’ll learn how to:

  • Increase automation and allow adjusters to focus on core tasks.
  • Reduce costs at every processing stage.
  • Maintain compliance with dynamic state regulations.

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