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As Your Workforce Evolves, Trust Our Solutions To Drive Better Outcomes 

February 7, 2023

Quickly organize claims accurately, consistently and efficiently

With companies desperate to find talent to fill open roles, claims departments are buried in work with no lifeline in sight. One the biggest challenges of settling a claim is organizing it. At Mitchell, our demand package processing and management solutions automate this process, allowing your adjusters to confidently settle claims accurately, consistently and efficiently. Sorting, organizing, and processing everything needed to identify any red flags or issues is very complex and time consuming, for new or experienced claims handlers. Automating this manual workload can help lessen the pressure on your employees, leading to a higher rate of employee satisfaction, lower rate of human errors and improving consistency in settlement negotiations.

Average attorney demand packages are between 150-200 pages. Typical demand document types may include: the attorney’s letter, medical bills, medical records, damage photos, accident reports, lost wages, and injury photos. To further complicate the process, 65-70% of third-party medical bills are non-standard and 45% are missing procedure and/or diagnosis codes.

Enlyte processes over 800,000 demands and 3.5M+ bills a year. Our automated solutions can help support adjusters’ decision-making processes by providing organized, fully coded documents in an easy-to-digest format, providing confidence when settling cases.

Outsource manual tasks with Mitchell’s Demand Package Processing and Management Solutions, such as:

  • Sorting through large and complex demands quickly

  • Searching for medical codes

  • Finding red flags for inappropriate claims

  • Organizing medical bills into one concise view

Services Overview:

Bill Review Only

  • Evaluation of medical bills
  • Best suited for non-complex demands that do not include hospital bills and/or medical records

Bill Review with Organized Demand 

  • Evaluation of medical bills with an organized demand and second-level review by a certified coder
  • Recommended for demands with moderate to low complexity

Nurse Screening

  • Organized demand, medical bill review, second-level review, and nurse screening for potential utilization issues
  • Designed for demands with moderate to low complexity that can benefit from nurse review

Comprehensive Nurse Review 

  • Demands requiring organization, medical bill review and nurse review with a narrative analysis of medical records (injury claim summary)
  • Geared towards cases exceeding $10K, or those with excessive treatment, gaps, multiple specialties, hospital bills, and/or questionable causation issues

In this current job seeker’s market, next generation adjusters want “best in class” software to do their jobs, and top technology can help you attract top talent. This generation was raised with technology in their hands and is swift to adopt new tools to make their lives easier... Mitchell’s best-in-class Demand Package Processing and Management Solutions can help you attract and retain the talent needed on your claims handling team. Contact us today to discuss how our solutions can help make your settlement packages a little less demanding.

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