Healthcare Bluebook and You

How It Works

Healthcare Bluebook is an online tool that enables you to find the best prices for the healthcare services you may need. With Healthcare Bluebook, you can shop for care so that you get the most affordable care available in your area, from high quality providers.

Search for services. Learn the Fair Price you should pay in your area and how much you can save by making cost effective choices

Compare specific providers on both cost and quality

Obtain your healthcare service
at a Fair Price provider

What is Fair Price?

The Fair Price is the price a prudent healthcare consumer can expect to pay. A prudent healthcare consumer is someone who researches to determine which providers in their market offer the best price for a specific procedure.


Get the Information You Need
When You Need it Most

The Healthcare Bluebook app for iPhone, iPad and Android is free and you can download it directly from the Apple AppStore or Android Market.

You can access the same price and provider information that is available through Mitchell’s Healthcare Bluebook site. Be sure to visit the website to look up your access code. You’ll need it when downloading and setting up your app.

Q: Are all of the Fair Price providers in my network?
A: Although most providers are within the Cigna network, do not assume that they are. Please double-check with Cigna.

Q: Can my family use Healthcare Bluebook?
A: Yes, your family can use it. All they need to log in is the last 4 of your Social Security number.

Q: Do I have to be covered under Mitchell’s health insurance to use Healthcare Bluebook?
A: Nope! Any Mitchell employee can use Healthcare Bluebook, regardless of whether or not they’re covered under Mitchell’s insurance plans.

Q: Can I use Healthcare Bluebook to find a Fair Price on dental and vision expenses, or is it just for medical?
A: You can use Healthcare Bluebook to find a Fair Price on any procedure, not just medical.

Q: Why should I use Healthcare Bluebook if I’m on the HMO plan?
A: If you’re on the HMO plan you may be responsible for a 10% coinsurance payment on certain procedures, so finding a Fair Price will help you save on out-of-pocket expenses.

Q: Does Healthcare Bluebook cost me anything to use?
A: Nope, it’s free for Mitchell employees!