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Scan, Calibrate and Blueprint on One Device

Featuring Bosch’s best-in-class vehicle coverage, the MD‑500 allows you to:
  • Perform pre- and post-scans
  • Access 1,000+ dynamic calibration routines
  • Receive assignments
  • Take photos
  • Write estimates
  • Link DTCs to repair procedures
  • Order parts
  • Manage repair orders
  • Integrate with QuickBooks online
  • Upload reports and invoices

Mitchell's MD-500 Device

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Perform Fast, Efficient Static ADAS Calibrations

Use the MD-500 and MD-TS21 target system to calibrate front-facing cameras, blind-spot monitors and radar sensors on popular ADAS-equipped automobiles. Keeping this work at your shop can help you reduce cycle time and boost revenue.

Not sure which vehicles need calibrating? Our experts can assist by:

  • Auditing the vehicles you traditionally repair
  • Identifying the OEM-required calibrations on those vehicles
  • Calculating the revenue potential of bringing that work in-house
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MD-TS21 Statistic Chart

73% of MD-TS21 customers say that the target system is easy to use.

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"Faster turnaround and customer satisfaction. It also puts more cash to the bottom line."

—Bryan Leier, Manager, Bennett Dunlop Collision Centre