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Mitchell Labs, our dedicated engine for driving innovation at Mitchell

Mitchell Innovation & Design, also known as Mitchell Labs, is a dedicated engine for driving innovation Company-wide. Through the application of our Innovation Framework, we listen to customers, experiment and execute to bring new products to market—with a keen eye toward providing better business outcomes for our clients, so they can provide better personal outcomes to their customers.

We strive to understand our customers

Process-Driven Innovation

The Mitchell Innovation Framework is a formal process that allows our team of designers, developers, data scientists, and product managers to look at problems in a clearly structured manner. This framework encourages different ways of learning from customers, experimenting with new technologies, and understanding the industry that leads to  insights that enable us to design and develop new offerings into our product line.

For each new idea, the Mitchell Innovation Framework enables research and experimentation in three key areas:

  • Customer

    We work closely with our clients to explore each idea to make sure we understand their needs, incorporate their workflow processes, and solve their problems.
  • Market

    We assess current and future market conditions to make sure we’re meeting needs in new and different ways that keep pace with the changing ecosystem.
  • Technology

    We evaluate what technologies can be leverage or created to meet the need, and what other challenges those technologies might solve

Customer-Driven Design

Every innovation begins with an idea—and at Mitchell Innovation & Design, we find many great ideas come from our customers. That’s why User Experience best practices like Customer Innovation Panels, on-site observation, and prototype and iterative testing are built in to the Mitchell Innovation Framework. Because by leveraging our combined expertise, together we can develop the smartest solutions.

Our customers are the center of our universe and we strive to understand their world and see it through their eyes. 

To achieve this we:

The Mitchell Innovation Framework

Personalized Solutions

Our long history in the industry and rich data repository provide unique insight into the industry, in some cases even combining physical damage and casualty data. With this information, we’re able to identify industry trends and innovate data-driven solutions that enable improved workflow, direct business actions, and improve outcomes.

A Company-Wide Commitment

At Mitchell, innovation is not limited to just the developers, designers, data scientists, and product managers on the Innovation & Design team—we’ve made a Company-wide commitment to driving innovation through everything we do.

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