Our Culture 

A culture of innovation and a passion for what we do

Our employees rally around a set of shared set of beliefs and behaviors, honoring our commitment to deliver better business outcomes for our clients, and better personal outcomes for their customers. It’s these beliefs and behaviors that drive our culture of innovation and the ongoing advancement of our unparalleled breadth of technology. 

The Mitchell Way

At the heart of our culture is The Mitchell Way, guiding principles for working together and serving our clients. Relationships are key to The Mitchell Way—we care deeply about our customers and each other, and foster personal connections through collaboration and teamwork. Our passion drives us to focus on excellence, exceed expectations, and deliver positive results

Not Just Employees, Experts

At Mitchell, we believe we can best serve our clients by employing experts, both in the industry and in their chosen field. Because our industry is constantly changing, we encourage them to learn new skills that will enhance their contribution to their functional areas. In fact, every Mitchell employee has the opportunity to participate in one of our customer ride-along programs, experiencing first-hand the impact their work has on driving better outcomes. 

The Opportunity to Lead

We believe each one of our employees should have the opportunity to lead, regardless of their role. Encouraging personal responsibility, coupled with a collaborative approach, empowers our employees to respond to changing business demands. These traits enable our employees to identify and solve problems, taking the actions necessary to drive customer, Company, and personal success.

A Great Place to Work

Our collaborative, caring culture has made Mitchell a leader in the industries we serve and in the communities where we work and live. They're why Mitchell is consistently ranked as a great place to work, one that attracts top talent from around the world. Our competitive compensation, benefits packages, training, employee health programs and career growth opportunities have made us one of the fastest growing companies in San Diego and earned us recognition as one of the healthiest companies to work for.

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