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Mitchell ScriptAdvisor™ is the PBM solution that leverages technology and industry expertise to connect the ENTIRE claim. Mitchell’s pharmacy benefit management solution was built exclusively for auto and workers’ compensation payers. It delivers a holistic view to drive data-driven decisions that deliver better outcomes for you and your claimant.

Mitchell ScriptAdvisor simplifies, manages, and supports pharmacy benefits as part of a solution set that looks across all aspects of the claim to effectively, efficiently, and successfully manage with integrated solutions including managed care and bill review. ScriptAdvisor provides you the visibility beyond an individual prescription to the wider spectrum of insights so you can make the decision that gets your claimant back to their lives faster.

For more information, please visit mitchell.com/scriptadvisor or contact us at 877.750.0244.

About the Author


Add link to Mitchell ScriptAdvisor to go to /scriptadvisor in the paragraph Dr. Mitch Freeman, Pharm.D.

Vice President, Chief Clinical Officer
Mitchell Pharmacy Solutions

Mitch Freeman is the Chief Clinical Officer for Mitchell International, Pharmacy Solutions. Prior to joining Mitchell, Freeman was the CEO of First Coast Health. He has a wealth of industry expertise and leadership in the workers’ compensation industry including the chief sales and marketing officer of PMSI, vice president of sales at Ameritox, vice president and general manager for ExpressScripts, and president of pharmacy services for MSC.

Freeman is a frequent guest speaker and author and is a graduate of Florida A&M University where he received his doctorate of pharmacy.



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