CDC Opioid Guidelines Industry Impact and Your Business

—January 03, 2017


By Mitch Freeman, Pharm.D., Vice President, Chief Clinical Officer

Opioid prescriptions are a major driver of pharmacy costs in the P&C industry and have become a national epidemic. To combat this, the CDC issued Opioid Prescribing Guidelines last year. If these guidelines were to be enforced through regulation, how might they impact system stakeholders—the injured experiencing pain, prescribing physicians, insurers, PBMs and managed care providers?

In this whitepaper, we’ll discuss the CDC guidelines’ impact on the industry and recommend innovative ways to integrate them into a holistic claims process that keeps your claimants safe and gets them back on the road to health.


In this new Mitchell Whitepaper, learn:

  • The Guidelines’ impact if implemented today
  • The potential impact to your claims organization
  • Innovative ways to incorporate best practices on opioid management into a holistic process

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