Smarter Solutions

Automate expertise to facilitate better decision making.

Facilitate better decision making with an end-to-end technology and services suite that automates expert guidance. Increase consistency, simplify decision making and improve overall claim outcomes with Smarter Solutions that increase automation in the claims process.

Smarter Solutions Exemplified


Bill Review Automation

Smarter Solutions can help to implement best practices throughout the organization, either to push claims through automatically using pre-set rules, or by surfacing key insights, helping adjusters make more consistent decisions. McKinsey reports that adding automation into the claims process can reduce the cost of a claims journey by as much as 30 percent.


Bill Review and Pharmacy Benefits Management

When you work with integrated bill review and pharmacy benefit management platforms, you can help adjusters to proactively make better decisions about pharmacy dispensing. When these two systems talk to each other, adjusters are able to see what the providers are doing in the office and connect that with what the claimants are doing in the pharmacy.


Bill Medical Management Software and Bill Review

Integrating utilization review (UR) data from medical management software into a bill review system can help a workers’ compensation claims organization improve operational efficiencies and can help prevent the approval of treatments that were denied in the UR process by giving adjusters the right information at the right time.


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