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Automotive Repair Management Solution for Insurers

A convenient communications solution for your repair management process

A smooth repair process is a speedy claims workflow operation. Lack of visibility and communication between you and your repair partner could lead to displeased customers, increased rework, and longer cycle times. With Mitchell WorkCenter™ Repair Management, you are provided real time insight into the repair process.

WorkCenter Repair Management helps you:

  • Ensure a smooth experience for your customer—increasing the level of satisfaction.
  • Speed up the repair process workflow with a seamless integration with RepairCenter.
  • Improve communication between carriers and repair shops by sending information electronically.
  • Gain full visibility on the progress of an assignment with real-time information for your customer.

Information Is Power

With Mitchell WorkCenter Repair Management, you are provided real-time insight into the repair process. You can quickly resolve delays, communicate needs, and keep your customers informed through seamless connectivity. Create efficiency through:

  • Send appraisal assignments to any shop—even if they’re not in your network
  • Track repair status and jobs
  • Automate event triggers and notifications
  • Streamline the supplement process
  • Capture repair information for performance reporting
  • Communicate efficiently with your direct repair shops

One Technology Platform for a Simplified Process

Mitchell's platform enables you and your repair partners by supporting distinct solutions. WorkCenter for the unique needs of insurance claims organizations and RepairCenter for collision repair facilities. The direct connection between WorkCenter to RepairCenter allows you to to view shared information and engage in real-time for efficiency and better repair partnerships.

Direct Repair Program (DRP) Management

enhance your Direct Repair Program (DRP) relationships by staying in sync during the repair process—from start to finish. You also have the ability to expand your network by connecting with out-of-network shops recommended by the vehicle owner.

Easily track repair assignments

Viewable at the claim level, repair status information is transmitted straight from the shop's production system.

Automatic Trigger Notifications Improve Workflow

With built-in intelligence, Repair Management can assist you by providing over 30 pre-set rules that automatically trigger reminders to ensure a smooth workflow process.

Streamlining the Supplement Process

Often times, the supplement process can be time consuming with multiple phone and fax communications between you and the body shop. Both WorkCenter™ and RepairCenter™ provide integrated task tracking software to receive, review, and make supplement requests electronically between the two solutions.


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