Bringing together the broadest range of solutions, networks, and partners

At Mitchell, the heart of our business is about making connections—connecting you to an unparalleled breadth of smart solutions that help you process and make better decisions. We connect you to the greatest number of networks and value chain partners to simplify and accelerate your business, and opportunities that extend your reach into new markets.

Unparalleled Breadth of Solutions

Our unparalleled breadth and depth of solutions is the most extensive available across the Auto Physical Damage, Auto Casualty, and Workers’ Compensation markets. We connect more than 300 insurance payors and 30,000 automotive repair centers to a comprehensive set of expert adjusting, workflow, compliance, and management solutions that streamline processes and improve outcomes.

Enabling Network Connections

Not only do we connect our clients to smart solutions, we seamlessly integrate with both your existing network and partners in the claims management space. From health providers to parts manufacturers, our technology enables connections across the value chain. And through our partnership with leading core claims systems such as Guidewire, we’re creating even deeper integration opportunities for our clients.

Extending Our Reach

We have a long history of connecting our clients to opportunities and value by strategically extending our reach into new markets. From our early beginnings in automotive repair to our expansion into auto casualty and workers’ compensation, we continually look for new areas to drive more value for our clients. Our recent Pharmacy acquisition is an example of this strategy, where we are now able to provide our customers with an optimized end-to-end pharmacy solution.

Smarter, Faster, Better

Whether, we’re connecting you to smart solutions that streamline claims processes, information that informs decision-making around claims, networks and value chain partners that accelerate your business, or opportunities in new markets, our goal is to help you get things done smarter and faster and in ways that enable better our comes for you. And for your customers.

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