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Claims Review and Estimate Compliance

Claims processing software to simplify and improve estimate review


Mitchell review and compliance solutions help you generate accurate estimates right from the start. While Estimate Advisor helps you create, manage and distribute business rules for verifiable estimates the first time, Mitchell WorkCente™ Assisted Review uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to quickly identify claim exceptions.

Mitchell Review and Compliance solutions provide:

  • Cloud-based, real-time review and compliance management tools to improve workflow efficiency and reduce cycle times.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to dramatically increase the speed and volume of file review.
  • Thorough documentation with solutions built to handle total loss valuations, images, journal entries or other important attachments needed for accurate estimate review.

Speed Things Up with the Auto-Approve Feature

WorkCenter auto-approve functionality provides a complete front-end and back-end check of an estimate prior to desk review. By using configurable rules, only claims that have exceptions or are outside of compliance are escalated to manual desk review. All auto-approved claims are sent to your claims management system for further processing, allowing desk reviewers to focus only on the estimates that require attention.

Assisted Review

Audit, reconcile,
approve estimates

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Individual Modules

Estimate Advisor

Create thousands of
estimate rules

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