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RepairCenter Integrated Packages

Packages with the RepairCenter modules that fit your shop's unique needs

Mitchell RepairCenter™ offers powerful tools that help shops of all sizes to grow their business. Take control of your repairs, your customer satisfaction, and your business with the RepairCenter modules that fit your shop's unique needs.

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QuickStart Package

FREE RepairCenter features and functionality to get you started!

The QuickStart package provides baseline features to get any shop started. The specific modules include:

QuickStart Package
  • TechAdvisor™ OEM Repair Procedures for Ford, GM, and Chrysler
  • Online Repair Status
  • RepairCenter Mobile
  • Compatibility with all major estimating systems
  • 30-Day trial of TechAdvisor Repair, Parts & Labor

It's easy to get started.

Simply click the "Free Trial" button, and complete the short online registration instructions. You'll automatically be sent a confirmation email with your login credentials and download instructions.

Accounting Package

Easily transfer RO data from RepairCenter to your accounting system.

The RepairCenter Accounting package includes the QuickStart functionality combined with Accounting Interfaces to software packages, like QuickBooks and BusinessWorks. The Accounting package reduces your need to rekey financial information and improves the accuracy of your accounting data.

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Essentials Package

All the basic essentials for managing your business - labor, parts, production, and more.

The RepairCenter Essentials package provides a combination of serious business management features and functionality at an affordable price. We've assembled only the most critical features in this package. It's everything you must have, and nothing you don't need. Perfect for shops that are striving to improve financial performance and operational efficiency, but aren't quite ready for the full range of tools RepairCenter has to offer.

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Professional Package

Take control of your business with analytics and optimized workflow solutions.

The RepairCenter Professional package provides robust shop management tools combined with reporting and analytics functionality to provide real and actionable insight into your shop's performance.

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Premier Package

The ultimate bundle of management technology for high-end collision repair shops.

The RepairCenter Premier package provides a wide array of shop management tools for improving efficiency and enforcing business rules, along with premium reporting and analytics functionality The Premier package is designed for high-end shops that are ready to embrace the cutting edge of technological innovation in order to take their productivity and financial success to the next level.

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