Computer Vision—from Diagnosing Cancer to Transforming the Claims Process
From the day Watson beat Ken Jennings at Jeopardy, artificial intelligence (AI) has captured our collective imagination. Read More

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Readily Accessible Compliance-Based Content
As more regulatory guidelines are applied, managing large quantities of information has proven to be very challenging. Read More

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Managing Medical Records is Key to Improving Third Party Claim Settlements
By: Monica Zylstra, Vice President, Service Operations, Casualty Solutions Group Documents that adjusters receive from attorneys or claimants related to third party claims are typically unorganized, inaccurately coded and seemingly stacked a mile high. It can... Read More

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Today Tacos, Tomorrow Intelligent Enterprise—How Bots Are Transforming Insurance
Bots are cropping up everywhere. Just six months after their launch on Facebook Messenger, there we’re 34,000 of them on the platform. Read More

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Subluxation Codes: The New Fashion in Diagnosis Coding
What is a subluxation? Interestingly enough, entering the term “subluxation” into any internet search engine will return dozens of chiropractic websites, ready to define this popular medical term. Read More

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RepairCenter Mobile Version 4.1 is Now Live
With Mitchell's RepairCenter Mobile app, you are never more than a touch on your smartphone screen away from your office when it comes to being able to manage your staff, your repairs, your vendors, and your customers. Read More

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When Artificial Intelligence Gets Up Close and Personal, Does Human Interaction Fall by the Wayside?
Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to profoundly impact the insurance industry. Read More

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Lessons Learned on the Journey to DevOps Transformation
A few years back, I invited Gene Kim, DevOps evangelist and author of the book, The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps and Helping Your Business Win, to speak at Mitchell’s annual developer conference, DevCon. Read More

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For PBMs, Technology Integration Provides Insight and Positive Impact
Technology continues to transform the way we live and work, and the insurance industry is no exception. One way technology advancements are having a positive impact on workers’ compensation payors and enabling them to get their claimants on the road to recovery in a safe and effective manner is by improving visibility into pharmaceutical utilization. Read More

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Global Search and Cross-Browser Functionality
Estimate reviews just got even easier with the latest version of Mitchell WorkCenterTM. Read More

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