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Hub Quick Tip: How-To Subscribe to a Repair Order

—August 11, 2015
Hub Quick Tip: How-To Subscribe to a Repair Order

Keeping up-to-date on the status of repairs is easy with Hub. You can stay in the loop on only the repair orders or opportunities you care about with Hub’s subscription feature.

How-To Guide to Subscribing to Repair Orders in Hub

Subscribe to an opportunity or repair order.

  1. From your ‘Opportunities’ or ‘Repair Orders’ whiteboard, click on the Hub icon.
  2. Hub

  3. The next screen shows you details and conversations related to a specific opportunity or repair order you selected.
  4. To subscribe to a specific opportunity or repair order, simply click the subscribe icon in the top right corner.
  5. Hub

  6. After subscribing, non-private posts on this job will appear in your main Hub feed. To access your main Hub feed, click on the Hub icon at the top left of the RepairCenter window.
  7. Hub

  8. Think of the ‘Everything’ tab as your main feed which shows conversations and job-related public posts.
  9. Hub

Unsubscribe from an opportunity or repair order.

When you no longer want to see updates related to the job, you can quickly unsubscribe from the main feed by hitting the subscribe icon within any window related to that specific repair order or opportunity.


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