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10 Feature Article From FNOL to Settlement Using Data and Analytics to Improve Third Party Bodily Injury Outcomes By Norman Tyrrell Director, Product Management, Mitchell Casualty Solutions Group Gathering and analyzing the right data at FNOL can help indicate the course of a claim and assist with triage to ensure that carriers are handling the claim efficiently. Effectively adjudicating third party auto casualty guidance and simplified integration. This adjuster claims can be a complex web of analysis and workspace connects and surfaces all of the key data decision-making that challenges even the most points throughout the claim, including First Notice experienced adjusters. Each of the many decisions of Loss (FNOL), provider, medical review, physical made during the lifecycle of a third party claim can damage and settlement data. At the same time, it potentially affect the outcome—for better or for is also essential that this experience provide guided worse. To avoid claims spiraling out of control, sky- insights to the adjuster at key decision points and high medical costs, lengthy claim open times and simply not overwhelm them with information. drawn-out negotiations with claimant attorneys, it is important that every person handling the claim make data-driven decisions every step of the way to improve outcomes for the insurer and the claimant. Consider Data from the Full Claims Lifecycle Within their workspace, an adjuster should have access to an evolving picture of the claim as it The ideal arrangement is for an adjuster to work develops comprised of key data from FNOL, vehicle out of an expert workspace that complements the damage estimates, details on treating providers, and claims management system by providing smarter medical billing and treatment analysis. By viewing