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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Solution

Going from paper-based to a standardized Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution for your bill, injury reporting, and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is virtually a requirement for claims administrators these days. There's increasing pressure on two fronts—today's regulatory compliance standards and your own organization's operational efficiency goals.

That's where Mitchell Regulatory Reporting Solutions come in—uniquely designed to be an effective, integral solution set of every claims administrator's EDI strategy.

In addition to reporting solutions for claims administrators we provide EDI solutions for states to process FROI / SROI and Medical Bill reports and services to manage their EDI projects. Mitchell has the solutions to reduce state costs, improve operations and meet EDI reporting compliance.


WorkComp.NET™ is an EDI solution that provides web-based reporting compliance of FROI/SROI, medical bills for state and CMS. Its automation features enable you to:

  • Lower claims reporting costs
  • Decrease manual processing and data entry
  • Meet state EDI reporting requirements
  • Increase reporting accuracy and efficiency
  • Integrate claims and risk management applications
  • Reduce potential for fines and penalties



When working together with WorkComp.NET, AutoTriggers can help eliminate virtually all human intervention in normal EDI compliance processes - and thereby help reduce the potential of fines and penalties and IT expenses required for EDI development. When you automatically export your raw claims data, AutoTriggers takes care of all the steps required to send the proper FROI/SROI report to the state at the right time, in right sequence with the correct Maintenance Type Code (MTC) and in the right format.

Business Edit Service (BES)

Business Edit Service (BES) provides the option of running state-specific mandatory, conditional edits and IAIABC business edits on a FROI/SROI hosted at the client site. You will know the state requirements prior to submission therefore preventing errors on the front-end and dramatically improve your reporting efficiency.

Regulatory Reporting Brochure

Mitchell Regulatory Reporting Solutions are easy to learn, simple to use, and cost-efficient to implement. Our team of experts are dedicated to keeping our products current with states' EDI requirements and providing our customers with excellent service and support.

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State EDI Reporting Solutions

A solution to drive Reporting Accuracy And Efficiency.

State EDI Reporting Solutions

As regulatory reporting requirements become more complex and numerous, states are faced with a dilemma: how can they reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and meet legislative requirements in this increasingly complex environment Mitchell State EDI Reporting Solutions solves the dilemma by providing a secure, customizable system uniquely designed to empower better outcomes in regulatory reporting.

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Regulatory Reporting Solutions
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Regulatory Reporting Brochure


State EDI Reporting Brochure


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