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Electronic Billing & Payment

Paperless payment transactions is a huge Workers' Compensation efficiency source—not only in speeding up every aspect of the process, but in the accuracy you gain when the chance of human error is eliminated altogether.

Electronic Billing & Payment

You can take advantage of electronic transactional processes today with SmartBill and SmartPay. We can help you implement a paperless interface between your operation and the medical community to transmit bills, payments, and remittance notices electronically, reducing operating expenses and freeing up your staff's time to handle more critical responsibilities.


SmartBill eliminates costly and time-consuming paper processing with electronic transmission of provider bills to partner clearinghouses—including the bills and attachments all the way through remittance advice—ensuring you remain compliant with all eBill state requirements. There's no limit to what SmartBill can automate—from the bill and records processes for receiving, routing, filing, storing and retrieval, to archival maintenance of medical bills, records, remittance information and payment recommendations This automates the data entry tasks traditionally done in a bill review shop to increase overall operational efficiencies.

SmartBill offers:

  • Unprecedented provider trading partner connectivity
  • eBill and attachment receipt and delivery
  • Flexible claim and vendor indexing, validation, edits and rejections
  • Support for full ANSI transaction processing
  • Delivery of rendered "Clean Bill Image" from eBill data
  • Document management system integration / support
  • EDI bill data file delivery / proprietary or X12 837
  • Single workflow architecture platform
  • Remittance advice returned to sending provider via standard ANSI X12 835 format
  • Provider portal capabilities for self service remittance review by the providers
  • Compliance with state mandated EDI requirements


Until now, processing payments within a paper-based system has been expensive—both from the labor-intensive processes and the risk of theft and fraud. There are also difficulties in tracking and reconciling payments that put a strain on your customer service teams which can severely affect customer satisfaction.

SmartPay is the cost-saving alternative to expensive paper-based payments for workers' compensation settlements. Think of SmartPay as a module that plugs into your SmartAdvisor and claims administration workflow. From that moment forward, SmartPay becomes your single-source payment platform for medical payment types—and for all payment medium, EFT and print & mail.

Workers' Compensation Management Software

SmartPay expands the benefits of your automated claim settlement process by offering:

  • Payee EFT enrollment. The more payees who are EFT enrolled, the more savings you experience. That's why Mitchell recruits providers on your behalf and has an extensive and successful approach to enrolling your payees.
  • ERA/Electronic Remittance Advice. SmartPay keeps electronic records of payment details and adjudication information associated with an EFT. SmartPay can aggregate one or more payments per ERA for more efficient payment delivery. Data warehousing capabilities include the ability to search and retrieve up to seven years of payment history.
  • Generation and disbursement of payments. SmartPay processes payments by EFT through the Federal Reserve's Automated Clearing House (ACH) and by print and mail. If you are not yet set up for EFT capabilities, SmartPay can disperse the traditional, paper-based payments for a fraction of your existing costs.
  • Automated payment status inquiry and dispute resolution. With SmartPay's powerful online Payee Portal, you and medical providers have robust search, retrieve, and communication capabilities—available 24/7. Complete status of bills and payments are visible real time.

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