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Fairpay Specialty Bill Review

Fairpay Specialty Bill Review Leverage Best-in-Class Data,
Experience and Government Relations

Our team of industry experts have unparalleled experience and regulatory knowledge and are leaders in medical bill payment analysis. We leverage our accomplished legal team’s acumen, combined with our data analytics capabilities, to offer flexible solutions that enable clients to save a significant amount of money on the medical portion of claims.

Fairpay Specialty Bill Review

There are several factors involved in reviewing a medical bill. Statutes, precedents, regional specifics and other variables come into play. When you deal with a worker’s compensation claim, the terminology, the paperwork and the bill itself can be difficult to comprehend. Leave it to the experts at Mitchell. We excel at evaluating bills line by line to generate cost reductions through research and data analysis. As a result, we are able to re-price the services rendered to represent an appropriate and fair amount.

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National Health Quest video transcript

0:04—Mitchell's NHQ team of professional negotiators are there for our clients day in & day out.
0:11—They are the main reason why NHQ achieves a 30-40% success rate in negotiating Out of Network
0:19—At NHQ what we do best is build and negotiate relationships with Healthcare providers,
0:27—industry peers, and the community to maximize savings for our customers in Out of Network
0:35—At Mitchell NHQ we understand the demands of the people we serve. That's why we strive
0:42—to provide the best customer experience and ultimately the best possible outcome.
0:47—Being a part of the NHQ network puts you in the fast lane to claims settlement.
0:54—The speed really comes from the groundwork we've established with NHQ's Provider Outreach
1:00—Program ensuring positive and enduring relationships with healthcare providers
1:04—throughout the United States.
1:06—What sets NHQ apart is our practice of securing 100% signed agreements. Speeding up the negotiation
1:14—and payment process.
1:17—Our Commitment to delivering reliable data-driven results has positioned NHQ as the industry's
1:24—go to strategic partner. We believe in fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and
1:30—community. All of which are a few key drivers of our success.
1:36—Our dedicated, committed team of professionals are here to provide service like no other.
1:42—That's the Mitchell way.

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Learn about the 5 critical tools you will need in order to develop an Out of Network negotiated settlement strategy that can help you maximize medical cost savings.


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