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Instructions to Add Badge to Your Website

Congratulations on receiving the 2014 AutocheX Premier Achiever Award for Customer Satisfaction! Show your pride, add credibility and make the most of your prestigious award by adding this badge to your website.

To post this badge to your website provide your webmaster with the following information:

If you need additional help posting this URL please contact Mitchell at

How to Leverage These Assets in Your Marketing Efforts

The honor of winning the AutocheX Premier Achiever Award (PAA) differentiates you from your competition. We hope that you will make the most of this prestigious award by using it in your marketing activities. Below are just a few of the creative ways that past winners have leveraged the PAA to enhance their marketing efforts and bring positive exposure to their shops:

We’d love to hear how you are leveraging the PAA in your marketing efforts. Please send us your stories & ideas: