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RepairCenter Parts Management (Standard)

Automated Parts Pricing, Ordering,
and Tracking.

Auto Repair Parts Management (Standard)

RepairCenter's Parts Management module streamlines every step of parts procurement from ordering and receiving parts to tracking parts costs and vendor discounts.

Shops can save time and money through two-way parts price changes and by tracking discounts on every job. Every collision shop owner or manager knows the ongoing challenge of ordering and tracking parts. That's why the RepairCenter Parts Management module is so valuable when it comes to gaining control over all your moving parts. RepairCenter automatically tracks your vendor discounts and returns, so you get the right parts the first time. And, RepairCenter helps you ensure that you're receiving the correct discounts on every single job that comes through your shop for maximum profitability.

Automating your shop's parts procedures can significantly improve your bottom line. Mitchell's comprehensive business management solution gives you the tools to:

  • Track vendor discounts on every part to assist you in obtaining the proper discount
  • Utilize parts labels to easily identify unused or damaged parts for return.
  • Get efficient and accurate supplementing with two-way parts price changes that will help ensure you get paid for parts price increases
  • Specify preferred vendors for each vehicle make
  • Include photos with emailed part orders to ensure the correct parts are delivered
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"RepairCenter helps us manage the entire day-to-day repair process and gives us real-time control and analysis of everything we do."

Anthony Caprini & Lou Hanhan,
Precision Body Shop & Detail,
San Francisco Bay Area, California

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