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RepairCenter Multi-Shop Configuration

Designed Specifically For Multi-Store
Organizations, Consolidators And Franchises

RepairCenter Multi-Shop Configuration

The multi-store configuration provides corporate management and reporting across all locations.

Shop Switcher

Want to know what's going on at each of your locations without picking up the phone or driving across town?
The RepairCenter Multi-Shop Configuration's shop switcher feature allows you to manage multiple locations without leaving your desk. Quickly switch from one shop to another with just a few clicks. Log into the first location, and check their production status. Switch to another shop, and check their accounting numbers. Switch to yet another shop, and review their opportunity pipeline. With the power of the shop switcher, you can always stay up to date and effectively manage all your shops across the country -- or across town. Also, don't forget to ask about our Corporate User License, which ensures visibility to all your shops, even during peak shop hours.

Corporate Analytics

In addition to drilling in and seeing the details at each location, the Multi-Shop Configuration provides your shops with corporate analytics. As a manager, you can now see how your entire organization is performing, or you can break down performance by any single shop. Stay on top of your organization's performance metrics, and reward your top performers!

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"RepairCenter helps us manage the entire day-to-day repair process and gives us real-time control and analysis of everything we do."

Anthony Caprini & Lou Hanhan,
Precision Body Shop & Detail,
San Francisco Bay Area, California

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