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RepairCenter Labor Management (Premium)

Assign, Track, Flag,
and Manage Labor by Production Teams.

RepairCenter Labor Management

RepairCenter Labor Management Premium not only enables you to easily assign, flag, and track labor so that your technicians are always clear when it comes to their current and upcoming job assignments, it also works in a team environment. Set up labor teams by department and specify the workload and capacity for each team. You can schedule, assign, and flag labor by teams too.

Labor Management Premium provides a summary of assigned labor by labor type or operation. It also allows you to flag labor by type for each employee and to automatically flag a percentage of the labor when the vehicle is moved from a specific department, streamlining payment to technicians. Easily print and share work orders with your technicians and office staff.

The Job Overview page provides an at-a-glance and up-to-date view of labor allocation for each RO. You can also easily view posted hours to track and maintain detailed visibility to the tech hours that you have already flagged. Over-flagging mistakes are easy to correct with the void feature.

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"RepairCenter helps us manage the entire day-to-day repair process and gives us real-time control and analysis of everything we do."

Anthony Caprini & Lou Hanhan,
Precision Body Shop & Detail,
San Francisco Bay Area, California

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