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RepairCenter Attachments

RepairCenter Attachments

Attach Photos and Documents to Repair Orders for a Paperless Office

Eliminate Paper and ensure complete documentation accompanies each repair order.

The RepairCenter Attachments module makes it quick and easy to track photos, messages, PDFs of tow bills and invoices, Word® or Excel® documents, video or audio files — virtually any item you need to include in claims documentation — and attach them to the repair order. You can eliminate file storage overheard and reduce office supply costs while increasing the accuracy of your estimates through comprehensive documentation.

Save photos, scan documents, and associate them with ROs using a simple drag and drop feature. Once imported, the files travel with the RO for a truly comprehensive data folder that is easy to access and update as the vehicle progresses through the repair process. Everyone involved in the job, from estimators to technicians, has a clear view of pre-existing damage, supplements, etc. which speeds up the repair cycle and enhances efficiency and communication among team members.

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"RepairCenter helps us manage the entire day-to-day repair process and gives us real-time control and analysis of everything we do."

Anthony Caprini & Lou Hanhan,
Precision Body Shop & Detail,
San Francisco Bay Area, California

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