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RepairCenter™ Customer Engagement Tools

Drive Customer Satisfaction

RepairCenter™ has tools that deliver fast, accurate and impartial customer satisfaction results. With this powerful tool you can quickly use customer satisfaction indexing (CSI) data to proactively solve problems, capitalize on strengths and demonstrate a commitment to customer service excellence.

  • Improve customer communications. Understand, meet and exceed customer expectations
  • Increase customer loyalty and profitability. Gain repeat business and referrals that lead to business growth
  • Identify areas of improvement. Use what you learn to motivate employees and achieve performance goals
  • Enhance business relationships. Document
    customer satisfaction and improve
    shop-insurance company interactions

RepairCenter™ Customer Engagement Tools

Reputation Manager
The Mitchell RepairCenter Reputation Manager Package is designed to manage your brand online and reveal business insights from customer survey data. Reputation Manager features a powerful Text Analytics Engine and Customer Sentiment Dashboard which provide actionable data from open-ended survey questions and social media chatter.
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Survey Reports
Gain a competitive edge with user-friendly, dynamic reporting tools that give you real-time data you can trust as a basis for making important business decisions.
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