RepairCenter™ TechAdvisor (Collision Repair)

RepairCenter™ TechAdvisor (Collision Repair)

Empower Your Technicians with Instant Repair
Know-How to Complete Repairs On Time and On Spec

Mitchell RepairCenter™ TechAdvisor provides integrated access to critical OEM repair data and procedures, so technicians can quickly locate the information they need to safely and properly restore today's complex vehicles to pre-accident condition.

RepairCenter™ TechAdvisor provides the most comprehensive model coverage and repair and reference articles in a single source—that's up to 30 years of coverage. Easily demonstrate your commitment to correct repair procedures with the most up-to-date information.

RepairCenter™ TechAdvisor (OEM Repair)

TechAdvisor's Simple Format Helps You To Easily Find And Interpret The Repair Information You Need

Organized to Simplify Your Search
Enhanced navigation sorts articles in similar groups making it easy for you to find specific repair information. A keyword search provides a drop-down menu of topic groups to help refine your results.

Keep Up With Vehicle Design
Access to the most current vehicle information empowers you to take new model vehicles with confidence to complete the repair safely and accurately.

Document the Repair
Increase sales and consumer confidence with a complete documentation of necessary repairs and demonstrate to your customers and carrier trading partners your shop's compliance with OEM repair guidelines.

TechAdvisor Features:

  • OEM Repair Standards

    Instant link to Step-by-step OEM Repair Procedures

  • Color Wiring Diagrams

    Clear and easy-to-read color wiring diagrams

  • Vehicle Dimensions and Interactive Viewer

    Industry-leading vehicle dimension data

  • Restraint Systems

    Disarming, removal, and installation procedures

  • Mechanical Repair

    Includes brakes, steering and suspension, drivelines, and more

  • ThatchamNet

    Independently-researched repair information for the most difficult to repair vehicles

  • OEM Bulletins

    Search over 100,000 technical service bulletins by year, make, and model

  • Collision & Mechanical Parts and Labor Look-Up

    The Industry–standard complete parts and labor database

  • New! Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) Library

    Comprehensive and searchable list of all DTCs for OBD-II vehicles

  • New! Special Materials Quick Reference

    Quickly identify the material type of a component and its location.

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